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Welcome to BonkFi

The Ultimate Meme DeFi Experience on Solana!

Channeling the energy of Bonk, Solana's first community-centric dog coin. Mission: Creating a playful yet powerful DeFi ecosystem, transcending traditional tokenomics. Culture:  A blend of DeFi's innovation and the vibrant meme culture.

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Token Fundamentals

Name: BonkFi Ticker: BFi Starting Supply: 1 Billion - True to Bonk's ethos of equality Buy/Sell Taxes: Zero - Because fairness matters!

Staking Adventures

Memes Meet Money

Rocket Ride Tier (2-Day Stake): Blast off with a 25% reward! For example, staking 100,000 BFi gets you 25,000 BFi. HODL Harbor Tier (8-Day Stake): Anchor down for a 125% reward, a safe harbor for the HODLers. Moon Mission Tier (16-Day Stake): Embark on a grand journey with a 275% reward, aiming for the stars.

Staking Benefits

Mint-on-Claim Rewards: No max supply to limit your gains.

Why Solana?

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Fast, efficient, and cost-effective - the perfect blockchain for our innovative meme-DeFi fusion.

Join the BonkFi Revolution

Zero fees, engaging rewards, and a commitment to community - that's the BonkFi promise.


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